Marilyn Nunney – Improvement Consultant and Interim Manager at mn Specialist learning Solutions Ltd

Marilyn has over 30 years’ experience in the learning and skills sector as a practitioner and senior manager, effectively designing, implementing, monitoring and managing foundation level and specialist programmes.  As a quality improvement consultant and interim manager she has worked extensively with colleges to improve systems for capturing  ALS and high needs funding, to improve the quality of provision for SEND learners and to ensure the highest possible degree of personalisation for learners on English, maths, employability, ESOL and adult programmes.
Her expertise gained in the independent specialist college sector has enabled her to advise and guide colleges in adapting to the changing needs of their learners and provide high quality inclusive learning experiences for all learners, including those with the most complex needs.  Marilyn has been involved in  successful collaborative and development partnerships with a range of providers and professionals, including other independent specialist colleges, special school post-16 departments and Speech & Language and Behaviour Therapy services. She has also worked closely with Local Authorities to improve the quality of Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP) and implement systems to tailor learners’ programmes to meet EHCP outcomes.
Marilyn has substantial experience of the inspection process and has worked closely with inspectors and Ofsted-trained consultants on collaborative quality-improvement projects. She trained with Serco as an Ofsted Additional Inspector. 

Passionate About Learning

Marilyn is passionate about promoting high-quality teaching and learning experiences for foundation and high needs learners, who, she believes, are often over-supported and get a raw deal because they lack the skills to effectively challenge the quality of their own provision.
She is a fervent believer in personalised learning and inclusion and has successfully designed and implemented innovative personalised curriculum models to cater for a range of complex needs.

Supporting your team

  • Marilyn has worked collaboratively with management teams across all provider areas to provide effective strategic development and planning and sound operational leadership.
  • Her well-developed analytical and problem-solving skills  enable her to make sound and objective judgements about quality of provision through observation, consultation and data-analysis.
  • Marilyn is also a highly experienced trainer and has successfully designed and delivered inspirational bespoke training programmes and good practice workshops on a wide variety of topics.