Marilyn believes passionately in personalised learning and inclusion and has successfully designed and implemented innovative personalised curriculum models suitable for a range of needs ranging from PMLD (early Milestones) to Level 2.

She was a key player in a team who were amongst the very first to develop and adapt Study Programmes specifically for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

She has devised innovative and creative programmes which offer a flexible blend of highly individualised learning combining both accredited courses and non-accredited learning quality-driven through a strong RARPA framework.

Marilyn can offer bespoke curriculum and programme design solutions tailored to meet pre-determined organisational needs or can work with learning providers to establish priorities based on projected learner cohorts and local and national priorities.

Her priority will always be to design appropriate programmes which provide a holistic learning experience, with development of literacy, language and numeracy skills embedded into a curriculum that supports broader learning for life and work.

A selection of holistic learning programmes successfully designed and implemented by Marilyn include

Discovery Programme

A holistic programme for PMLD learners providing a sensory approach to learning enabling learners to:

Discover the immediate environment, the community and develop self-awareness through the senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and movement.

Develop learner engagement with visual, auditory and tactile experiences through practical activities.

Learn how to interact with technology either directly or by using switches to develop control.

Develop emerging communication, pre-numeracy and ICT skills embedded through the programme.

New Directions

A course which prepares learners for the world of work by developing vocational, personal and social skills and building confidence:

Development of employability skills in occupational settings

Build skills to progress in the wider world of work, including interview techniques, writing CVs and travel training.

Learn to work as part of a team through enterprise, deal with customers, take responsibility, develop confidence, communication and problem-solving skills.

On Track to Independence

A course for entry level learners with complex communication needs providing opportunities to:

Develop independent living skills including use of money, shopping and cooking.

Take part in practical activities and internal enterprise and mini-enterprise projects.

Improve health and wellbeing by increasing awareness about personal safety and healthy lifestyle.

Develop self-advocacy skills to make choices and solve problems.

Improve functional literacy, numeracy and ICT

Develop social skills, build relationships and organise and take part in leisure activities.

ICT curriculum for entry level learners; ICT curriculum for PMLD learners

E-safety curriculum for entry level learners

PHSE and sex-education programme for learners with learning difficulties and disabilities

Functional Skills through practical life skills